Green open spaces, landscaped gardens, communal areas; architect Eric Lyons chose to develop his homes with these quintessential hallmarks to help communities thrive. Winding pathways lead you past neighbours’ houses and through playgrounds, ensuring residents are connected even as modern life picks up pace.


Mallard Place

Having managed to get her sons to agree on a house viewing at the mention of a swimming pool, Hazel enjoys the active lifestyle on offer at Mallard Place. Dubbing the area ‘Malaga-on-Thames’  Hazel no longer feels the need to leave during the summer with bodyboarding, early morning swimming in heatwaves and walking the dog keeping the family busy.

Pam and Richard

Mallard Place

Pam and Richard moved to Mallard Place so that Pam could be near the river, and Richard near his boat. Pam didn’t know anything about Span when she first moved, however she did work in social housing so she took an interest in the residents’ association. The river is a very important part of the couples’ lives and they enjoy having their own mooring. They have fond memories of residents’ parties and days out on the river.

Hume Family


Enjoy a summer evening with the Hume family and their friends, as we join a group of children who show use their secret den in the woodland area and their beatboxing show.

Nick and Jacqui

Mallard Place

Nick and Jacqui have lived at Mallard Place for the past few years and have taken great pleasure in modernising their one-bedroom flat. When they first arrived they loved the estate and the community feel that it offered. However the flat itself felt quite dark and dated. They completely renovated the property, creating a modern open plan living environment. Whilst the work was ongoing they were forced to move out, yet they managed to stay on site living with an elderly resident at Mallard Place with whom they formed a lasting friendship.


Mallard Place

Pat takes us through her extraordinary life; from buying her Mallard Place property with £59,000 in cash to working for Christie’s. Pat met her neighbours Nick and Jacqui when they advertised to be lodgers whilst they had their flat refurbished. Offering to host the couple for free, the trio quickly became firm friends, later celebrating Pat’s 90th birthday together and forming ‘Pat’s Possy’ along with other neighbours.

Kate and Jane

Cator Estate

Falling in love with the green open space, Jane first moved to the Cator estate after stumbling upon Span during a coffee morning. Jane’s daughter Kate later moved back to the Span estate to raise her own family, seeking to recreate her community-filled childhood.