What makes a family home will differ for everyone. But Span architect Eric Lyons set out standards that help to create a harmonious home surrounded by community.  Lyons ensured that each of his homes followed the Parker Morris rule of room sizing, to avoid cramped conditions, and a convenient room layout that gave everyone enough space whilst bringing them back together in shared communal rooms and green spaces outdoors.

Mark and Gavin

Cator Estate

Mark’s family moved into a Span property in 1967 when he was 10 months old. He has lived in Span houses ever since and has valued the strong sense of community in each estate. The ‘garage parties’, green spaces and communal architecture have shaped Mark from childhood.

Amisha and Reece


Amisha moved to Parkleys with her son Reece after becoming disgruntled with looking at too many small flats. Having settled into the estate Reece has now developed a secret code with the children next door to communicate, knocking certain patterns into the adjoining walls to ask to play or go outside.


Cator Estate

Daughter to Mark, Honey talks about teenage life at the Cator Estate and how the home has enabled her to improve her artistic interests. Honey expresses the incomparable safety and community felt in living in a Span estate, the comfort of neighbours and surrounding houses adding the security she feels is unique to Span.

Julian and Alexander


Moving from Germany to north London Julian and Alexander settled at Parkleys to raise their daughter Eugenie. They enjoy the ease of community and the ability to see their neighbours whilst also maintaining privacy, Parkleys balancing the two.

Patrick and Georgia


Georgia, Patrick and their children recently moved into a Span property on Parkleys Estate in Richmond. Having come from a cramped flat in Brixton’s Tulse Hill, the move has been life-changing. Tensions they noticed between each other have lessened dramatically in the bright living space and social environment of Parkleys, and even their cat Reg seems more relaxed.


Cator Estate

Beryl has lived in SPAN homes for over sixty years and has many happy memories living there with her family. She first found out about Span through an advertisement in the Sunday Times, and, despite her initial thoughts of the property being too small, she was drawn in by the community environment. Since retiring, Beryl has moved into another Span home where she spends time enjoying the wildlife in her garden and with family visits.